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Xtreme Access // Documentary


Xtreme Access Documentary.

Directed by Jeremy Condamine

Naration : Maley St John,

On the way to the X-GAMES, in January 2016, Aspen, Colorado where is taking place the biggest Extreme sports competition.Following a tragic accident, Jérôme becomes paraplegic and finds himself in a wheelchair.But despite his disability, he will adapt to his new life. He will learn seated skiing and thanks to his strength of character and motivation, he will improve his performance over the years.Selected for this X-games competition, Jérôme is one of the 12 best competitors in the world.He will have to face the Paralympic Canadian Josh Dueck, Chris Devlin Young last year's winner, and double-amputee Ravi Drugan from Oregon, the X Games medalist.The race takes place on a Boarder Cross with jumps of 15 meters and turns, different obstacles, a qualifying chrono selects them for a start at 4 competitors, the day J.The training will be tough and intensive but it's the price to pay to win the X-games.

Fortunately the trip continue to california with punctuated by unexpected encounters. Jerome will meet with extravagant characters and other paraplegic sportsmen, who will motivate Jerome to learn new sports like kayaking at sea, which will lead him to meet Alana Nichols in San Diego.

Catégorie : Sport Lifestyle Travel

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