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B’hike n BASE

The idea of linking the place where I work to the place where I was born on a bicycle came naturally. But my dream was to know if it would be possible to make such a trip by combining Base Jump. Taking a map of the Alps, I realize the journey as beautiful as exciting who can wait for me. The Valais, Chartreuse, Vercors, Dévoluy, Verdon as many playgrounds that can potentially be on my way. First and foremost, I want to know the feasibility of this crazy project that will exceed 1000km of bike and must be done on at least a month.

The B'Hike and BASE-jump adventure is a unique experience: a trip combining bicycle, BASE-jump, Paragliding and more…..
Francky will travel for a month and a half on his bike, with his camping gear and when he is not pedaling he will put his mountaineering and BASE-jumping skills to the test on the highest cliffs and peaks that the Swiss and French Alps has to offer.

We bathed in lakes and took beautiful hikes, like climbing Mount Granier where we discover the panoramic view of the mountains of Chambéry.
At 27, Francky wants to undertake a challenge of endurance and adrenaline with the simple aim of arriving safely having completed 1200 km by bike, 20+ BASE-jumps and 40 days camping while crossing the Alps arriving in Nice.
Great sensations of freedom, in the presence of a wild nature and breathtaking landscapes of mountains and alpine peaks that will make you dizzy.

Francky is very comfortable in this environment. Even though he must fight against the rain and wind that will slow and plague his journey especially through the Annecy area. Having stopped in Annecy he takes his guitar into the local streets to play a new song he has made up on his bike while pushing through kilometer after kilometer that catches the attention of many passersby.

Francky does not consider himself a cyclist, nor a parachutist, but a great adventurer, passionate about traveling in the wilderness. Above all he shows his energetic spirit and love for adventure as he flys out over the cliffs and mountain valleys ... Along to share the experience and tell Francky’s story by documenting the journey is Jeremy Condamine a photographer and filmmaker and his small production team Laura Morris and Marley St. John, together they capture this unpredictable quest from Switzerland to the Mediterranean Sea.


B'hike n BASE from Cinestesia film on Vimeo.

  • Screening / Awards :
    • Coupe Icare Festival Saint Hilaire
      September 21, 2018
      2 awards : 
    • Public choice 
    Icare du public Icare du joyeux Drill

    • Les Icares du Cinema de Paris France March 1, 2019 Paris Avant Premiere
    • Explorimage Festival Nice
      November 12, 2018
    • Carnet de VoyageFribourg
      September 11, 2018
      Swiss Premiere
    • Les Icares d'AuvergneClermont Ferrand
      December 10, 2018

    Specifications :
    - Film Type : Documentary
    - Runtime : 47 minutes
    - Completion Date : September 16, 2018
    - Country of Origin : France
    - Country of Filming : France, Switzerland
    - Film Language : French english subtitles
    - Shooting Format : HD 1920x1080
    - Aspect Ratio : 16:9
    - Film Color : Color

    Credits :
    - Director : Jeremy Condamine
    - Writers : Jeremy Condamine / Franck Malleus
    - Producers :  Jeremy Condamine / Marley St John
    - Cast :  Franck Malleus,  Quentin Lucon, Leo Ray,
    - Sylvain Gouget, Camille Bacqué, Kevin Métrailler, Julian Astor Asdurian, Niwi Vesperinon.